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算什么男人 [02.22.2018|07:11pm]
☂ melancholic clown



觉得自己很懦弱,没用......只会默默傻傻的忍受你对我无礼的要求。在你面前无法哭,没法发泄, 只能默默的忍,认了再忍。唯一能让自己好过一点就是在这里诉苦。


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爱情不能喊停 [02.18.2018|08:42pm]
☂ melancholic clown

Can you unlove somebody?

Holding on, back for the longest time. It’s really exhausting. What and who am I fighting so hard for? Why are the efforts I made not recognized?


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Where they go? [01.15.2018|12:44am]
☂ melancholic clown

Where did all these tears come from?

Where have all the used to gone?

I am... holding on to a puddle / air / NOTHING.

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past > present [09.28.2017|08:56pm]
☂ melancholic clown



Enough, I’ll never be good enough for you...

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☂ melancholic clown

世上有那个女孩不想要男友送她回家?! 😡

So what if I've a bike? I can't have the entitlement to be sent home?


I'm so exhausted after 2 weeks of night shift... 为什么你不能体谅我多一些?我的要求很过分吗?

Priority?! Think again before you say it to me.


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